Brad Tschida: Angry White Man

Brad Tschida is obsessed. Although the Missoula Trumpster trounced his Democratic opponent in the 2020 Montana House of Representatives race by a margin of 57 percent to 43, like a pit bull with a squeak toy he won’t let go of his allegation that the election was rigged. After he and some twenty of his fellow conspiracy buffs invaded the Missoula County Elections BradTschidaWithDocument Office in 2021 to do a sloppy hand-job “audit” of the envelopes that contained mail-in ballots he announced that he smelled a rat. But the election had already been certified by the Montana’s Republican Secretary of State.

Worried that Tschida’s antics were discouraging Gopers from voting in upcoming races Missoula Republicans paid $5,000 for an audit in March of the 2020 ballots. The audit found zero schemes, zero fraud and zero irregularities. This pissed off Tschida even more. He claimed the recount revealed brand new rats.

Putting aside the possibility that Tschida is a Democratic mole trying to drive Goper voters away from the polls, his rants are typical of an anger management issue common among privileged white men. Take for example, Richard Fuisz, portrayed by William Macy in The Dropout. He was accused by disgraced Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes of stealing her blood analyzer patents. She sued him. He spent years trying to prove that she was a fraud. In the process he ruined his personal life. His wife left him.

Another example is Robert Kearns, who invented the intermittent windshield wiper for vehicles, an idea stolen by every major automobile manufacturer in the U.S. Portrayed by Greg Kinnear in Flash of Genius, he sued them. In the process he ruined his personal life. His wife left him.

Finally, consider the case of Matt Lauer, portrayed by Steve Carell in The Morning Show, who tried for years to get people to believe he lost his job at NBC not because of sexual misconduct, as was alleged by the network, but because he had been kancelled by Kancel Kulture. In the process he ruined his personal life. His wife left him. [4.14.2022]

image above: Brad Tschida displaying a document he believes proves that election fraud in Missoula County is rampant.

Things Brad Hates

Unions and homos and women and Indians
Pinkos and Baptists and public school minions
Deep State liberals spewing Donald Trump lies
These are a few of the things I despise

From Brad Tschida’s campaign jingle (sung to My Favorite Things)

Brad Tschida is a far-right Catholic extremist running for Montana Senate District 49. His “ideas” include the notion that a woman’s uterus is a sanctuary city for fetuses, an organ that has no other purpose. He also believes that the Missoula County Elections Office rigged the 2020 election for the Demorats, although Tschida, a Goper, won his House seat by a wide margin. He also believes that Native Americans have too many representatives in the Montana Legislature.

Here are a few of his other positions:

• Defund public education
• Outlaw all abortion
• Make it illegal for homosexuals and transsexuals to adopt children
• Prohibit Montana courts from enforcing Islamic religious laws

Gone At Last

Brad got whipped badly in the November election, losing to Democratic candidate Willis Curdy by 9 points. Voters were not amused by Tschida’s election denial antics, his extremism and his ludicrous grasp of anatomy. Although no one in Helena will miss him the Legislature will open with a GOP supermajority, guaranteeing that the women-hating, union-busting, racist forces in Montana politics will be passing legislation that serves no one except corporations and old white reactionary men.

Luckily, these laws will be struck down by the state Supreme Court. Tschida’s legacy will be a footnote in the history of the Treasure State, just below the one about Jacob Thorkelson, the openly antisemitic, pro-Nazi Montana Congressman defeated in the 1940 GOP primary by Jeanette Rankin. [9.29.2022, updated 11.30.2022]

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