Bill Vaughn presents Reports from Dark Acres: The Archives

Dark Acres Archives

A Taste for Murder
A missing gourmand leads Sid Moran, private dick, on a sordid journey through Missoula's restaurant scene.

Birds on a Wire.

Sex. Danger. Family values. This backyard soap opera has it all—plus feathers, razor-sharp talons, and a neighborhood obsessed.

Survive This!
As the seventeeth season of Mark Burnett's annoying “dramality” beginsrevisit the first season with someone who was there.

Bronco Love
Nell took me everywhere. Well maybe not to the stars, but to Hollywood, Branson, and even down the wide Missouri.

Waiting to Soar
Although it had taken decades to get here, only one final challenge stood between me and my Eagle Scout badge.

Brave Heart

Jim Crumley’s characters are hardboiled,
but he was kind, generous and the life of the party.

Write If You Find Work
A classic from Outside Magazine's fuckup files.

Skating Home Backwards

A wetlands restoraton comedy.

The Wrath of God
The Jewel of Medina received way more attention than it deserved.

The Saga of Gary The Chicken
I had forgotten my own rule: When it comes to the neighbors,
don't get involved.

My Year in the Dark
Song of the South may not be the best movie ever made, but it's the one I'll never forget.

True Film
A few of our favorite documentaries.

Fry Me A River
My week in Branson with a tour group of retirees from San Diego.

The Anti-Claus

A few of our favorite Xmas movies.

Various scenes from my home town, the city of the dead.

High Noon
On those long hot days and big white moons
our thoughts naturally turn to the Perfect Martini.

Price Gouging
A Washington state company ripped off hundreds of Montana hospital patients.

Lift Your Glasses to the Marquis de Sade

My perfect week in the wine country of Provence.

Notes from the Empty Quarter

North Dakota is rushing forward into the past.

Climate change will also transform the world of sports. For example, Holland may have to consider moving its beloved skating race to the Erie Canal.

Notes from the Squalor Zone
My Pony is Gray. Back to the Barricades. Safe Haven.

Sacred Places
For Indians, there are landmarks on the plains and in the mountains of the West that are alive with centuries of memory and meaning. And something much bigger.

Pedaling to Hawaii
You don't need a credit card to travel the world. Just jump on your bike, or hop in your boat. And go.

What I liked best about the Senator from Arizona was the look of disgust that passed over my old man's face at the mere mention of Goldwater's name.

Ship of Fools
Sailing on railroad tracks won't abate global warming, but when it comes to cheap ways of getting from Point A to Point B you just can't beat it. Across Montana on the unsinkable Molly B.

Between the Lines
The brilliant ascent and self-destructive crash of Steve Howe.
By Jim Greenfield

My Year at College
Although I'd dropped out just before graduation I found myself
back in the halls of my alma mater—this time as a teacher.

Demolition Derby
My parents' favorite sports were drinking and driving.

The Hunger Artistes
The Amazing and Versatile Food Suit will transform the world of garments as much as Ron Popeil’s Vegematic changed the act of chopping.

Up in Smoke
When practicing your own funeral you can't just pile up a bunch of brush and expect it to reduce 180-pound man to six pounds of clinker.

The Long and Winding Road
When we moved to Dark Acres I realized that I'd been traveling in a circle.

Pale Horse
If there were ever a filly born to barrel race Greenwich was the one.

The End of Days

Montana has always been one of the most violent places on the planet.

World of Hurt

Down the Missouri through a theme park of utter human failure.

To the Milwaukee Station
Recollections of my private revolution.

Moveable Type

We survived a sea change in technology, and when the boat crashed onto shore we managed to land on our feet.

Come Mudwalk with Me
On my day trip across the bottom of the sea.

Living in Dog Years
Radish wandered through his life like the featured guest at a state banquet.

Don't like your town? Then blow it up.

Building cities and destroying them is the adult version of the solace kids get from tearing the heads off Barbies.

Black Cat
Wildfires destroy things, but they produce things as well.

The New Year’s Eve we'll never forget
The house sheltered one of Montana’s few private indoor pools, which would later be drained by the city planner for New Orleans.

The Lieberman Sagas
Going along for the ride with our favorite California family.

Blushing Bride

The heat lighning flashed and the gravel sprayed as the happy couple said I do.